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Posted by lifeis4foolz on 2010.10.31 at 15:57
How do you "feel": apatheticapathetic


A time for Empaths everywhere to dress up and pretend to be like me. Fully clothed monsters. It's actually quite flattering. Fun things always happen around the holidays. The sheer mass of people trampled to death on Black Friday every year fills me with unsubstantiated glee.

And of course along with your cleverly put together holiday monsters, Halloween is also a time for true creatures of the night to slither about unmolested. Most particularly those of the Child-loving variety. The one time of year it's not creepy to ask a little boy if he wants some candy and you truly expect these ever-patient and stigmatized individuals to let such an occasion pass?! You wish.

I actually find such people to be fascinating. Children. These people victimize poor innocent little children, which I admit doesn't effect me as I'm sure it should but still-- children? How dull. I've met more than a few child philanderers in my day, mostly as a child, and I must tell you, they are some of the nicest fuckers you will ever meet.

Now I know you're imagining big scary axe wielding predators and I'm not going to deny that, but no one considers how they lure the kiddies in. They're very kind, understanding and oh so vert patient. They're the helpful neighbor of the criminal world. Walking home alone? They'll give you a ride! Lost, can't find your mommy or daddy? They'll lead you right to them! Need a job? You could mow their lawn... and perhaps maybe after you're all hot and sweaty from all that work you could come inside for some ice cold lemonade? It's absolutely obscene.

And the holidays are their favorite time of year. But not just pedophiles-oh lord no. Many of your friendly neighborhood loonies are more than ready to come out to play after a long year of... being looney. These are the crazies that go out on a beautiful night like I'm positive tonight will be, and go and ruin it with their very brutish and amateur psychoreligious murders. Every year we see these ghoulish mortals a few crayons short of a box, on the news, with outrageously delightful headlines scrawled over their orange jumpsuit covered bodies. "Man eats baby, police find mother in oven," "Local army commander enjoys wearing little girl's panties, more at Eleven."

Perhaps it's the moon. If Werewolves can get a bit edgy around a full moon, why can't the rest of us? It stands to reason if a seemingly normal human can violently rip out of his clothes and morph into a rabid dog-creature just by glimpsing it, a man can be influenced by the moon to wear little pink panties. It seems only reasonable.

But maybe I'm just a tad on edge. I do, as you well know, hate the holidays. Happy people, happily prancing around, expecting me to act happy. It's a tough job being a psychopath, and we are sorely unappreciated for our efforts. Much better than being a Kiddie Diddler though, they sure do get all the sour apples. I would hate to have to be on the prowl on such a lovely night as tonight.

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Facade Slip

Posted by socio_cynic on 2010.10.22 at 21:02
How do you "feel": aggravatedaggravated

 Revenge is a funny thing. Some say it's a vile, wretched thing and others say it's sweeter than any fruit. I tend to agree with the latter. I suppose one way to define sociopathy is to imagine that wonderful feeling of vengeance except- the person never did anything to you in the first place. Can you picture it?

I don't know why I take so much enjoyment out of the suffering of others. My best deduction is simply- they annoy me. Human beings are more filthy and repugnant than the soggiest rat and more shifty than a cockroach. You bastards can't be trusted. I honestly don't understand the fear toward sociopaths. All we do is play your game better, smarter, and more efficiently than you do. If you didn't lie, connive, deceive and manipulate we wouldn't either. It's like teaching your dog to shit on the rug then beating him for it. Naughty naughty empaths.

The other day a friend of mine said to me, "I don't know why, but I kinda feel like I should be afraid of you." That my friends, is me not doing my job correctly. I mean sure, I have always occasionally come across people who were too intuitive for their own good- but recently I've obviously been slipping, because this hasn't been the only time this year people have questioned my sincerity. Not good.

The interesting thing is none of these times has been when I was in a particularly threatening mood. In fact- both times I was joking around about something. Perhaps I have an evil cackle. That's always a dead give away. Damned empaths and their fairytales- makes them too knowledgeable about villains apparently.

Anyway, what this tells me is my heavy workload is effecting my camouflage. I mean, it's not like I chose a very complex character as my main facade anyway. I chose a very easy to pull off- angry, not-so-nice acting but nice-in-a-way character to portray to peers, and I apparently can't even pull that off. Once again, not good.

Maybe I should switch it up- keep things interesting. I've had to many times before. What will I be this time? Prep, devout christian, geek, nerd, human by day-vampire by night schizoid? The possibilities are endless. I think I'll stick with what I am now. It is after all, the closest to my true personality- that makes it easier. And in case you didn't know, easier is always better.

“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order” Douglas Hostadter

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Concerning Empathy

Posted by badplanmobile on 2010.10.10 at 16:52
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Here's a thought I've been having lately: Empathy is wildly overrated. Genuine, natural empathy, such as most people experience, which is considered part and parcel to basic humanity. If you claim to lack it, the assumption is that you must be a horrible, cruel person, regardless of the actual evidence.
My take on empathy is this: empathy and compassion are not the same thing. Even those who know the difference tend to assume you cannot have one without the other. That is not true. Frankly, no one empathizes with everyone. It is only possible to exhibit completely natural, pure empathy for someone you can understand, someone like you. Even then, empathy comes from a self-centered viewpoint. We cannot understand what it is like to be someone else living their own life. We imagine what it is like to be us living that other person's life.
Now, some people can experience empathy for the majority of people. Even I can experience genuine empathy for a few people. But no one, no one, can feel empathy for every other person on the planet, or they're deluding themselves. We can only empathize with people who are like us, because empathy is the ability to identify with and share another's feelings and experiences, and the more unlike others we are, the fewer people we are able to empathize with naturally.
Compassion, however, can be shown to people radically dissimilar to you. Compassion can be shown to people you cannot understand. Compassion is a conscious choice, not an instinctual reaction.
However, many people who experience more widespread empathy seem more likely to deny compassion to those with whom they do not empathize. People for whom empathy is natural are more likely to see those with whom they cannot empathize as unnatural, and therefore their feelings and experiences not worthy of compassion. I am not saying they do this vindictively. It seems to be subconscious, because when empathy is easy and instinctual for you, you do not have to puzzle through and truly consider compassion.
Therefore, I see compassion without empathy as almost inherently superior. Compassion from someone who cannot instinctively understand you is compassion from someone making the effort to try, compassion from someone who recognizes that their experience is not the only valid model for humanity, compassion from someone who has thought it through.
When I tell you I am not a naturally empathetic person, it does not mean I don't give a shit and never will. It means many things, including that I don't feel the same way you do. But it also means, even if I can't feel the same way you do, if you are worth it, I will try, and if I still cannot, I will nonetheless try to help you if you need it.
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But isn't it always? A common figure that's thrown around these days is that 50 percent of marriages eventually end in divorce. Mathematically that makes sense, since the only two viable ends to marriage are divorce and death. So two options... into a hundred... EUREKA! You get 50%! What a brilliant deduction. But I suppose no one really believes in the accuracy of theoretical probability.

Honestly, if I were an Empath, what I would find more disturbing is what percentage of those remaining 50 percent are absolutely miserable until they finally kick the bucket. How many people are stuck due to financial problems or merciless religious beliefs forcing them to stay with the asshole/bitch they didn't realize they were marrying?

The 'institution' of marriage has always been in the shitter. Christians, etc, have always been worried some minority would ruin their 'sacred' practice, when in reality, let's face it, marriage has never been about 'love' or 'devotion. No no no. It's been about power, wealth, and getting the fucking kids out of the house. Sure, occasionally someone gets lucky and dies a few years after taking the plunge, and therefore, had a happy marriage, but obviously at LEAST 50 percent of marriages are 'swimmin' with the fishes' so to speak. Fifty-percent is the base number. How fucking depressing is that Empaths?

And I'M the one with the disorder? I think not. Idiotic, moron, sludge-for-brains Empaths. With your fucking "love conquers all" quotes and philosophies. When will you ever learn? Emotions will kill you. And it's rarely ever quick and painless either.

I see it all the time. Everyday, every second of every minute of every hour someone, somewhere, is weakly trying to pull the rusty dagger out of their heart, or their back, or some other place only a 'loved one' could reach. I absolutely fucking love it. "Love," is like a vile, festering disease, where the only cure is a few cold showers early on before the illness spreads.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Apparently not.

"If love is a battlefield, I'm all for world piece"

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 "Of all the inhabitants of the inferno, none but Lucifer knows that hell is hell, and the secret function of purgatory is to make of heaven an effective reality."-Arnold Bennett

Quote of the day

Posted by lifeis4foolz on 2010.08.05 at 14:56
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 'Die, verb: To stop sinning suddenly.
' Elbert Hubbard

And since that was more of a definition than an actual quote, I give you one more, that I can most assuredly relate to; 

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." - Clarence Darrow

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I recently came across a very interesting new branch of Narcissism/Sociopathy, called Malignant Narcissistic personality. Basically it is a hybrid mix between Sociopathy and Narcissism. A person with MNPD is a sociopath with extremely narcissistic tendencies, more so than normal, and also a higher level of paranoia and lack of impulse control. It is not "officially' registered in the DSM, but I generally believe that thing is a crock of shit anyways.

I honestly do not believe Sociopathy is a 'disorder', in the sense that, it does not need to be treated. Which is why I do not generally refer to it as APD or, Antisocial Personality 'Disorder'. I understand that a disorder is an irregularity, and Sociopathy is just that, but, not only do I believe it impossible to treat, but unnecessary as well.

Instead of viewing the world as black and white we view it as one giant sea of grey. There is no distinction between right and wrong- it simply does not exist. There is no 'higher being' who dictates the boundaries of so called 'morality'. Our society has created the illusion of the importance of man. In reality we are insignificant and doomed to eventual extinction, just like everyone else.

The Sociopath recognizes the importance placed on societal norms, and in order to put themselves in a higher station, are sure to appear to blend in with those norms perfectly. More so in most cases than an average everyday Empath. It is our specialty and a necessity of our existence. A stupid psychopath is a caged psychopath. A stupid psychopath is a soon to be Crisp psychopath. Always keep that in mind.

Although that brings me to another great topic. Later on, perhaps tomorrow I will begin to discuss the different kinds of sociopath. Like any other group of people we are each our own individual and unique self. Some of us have violent and deviant urges, some of us are fairly placid and merely wish to continue on peacefully in our existence, some of us are more easily prone to boredom and a rare few of us actually purposefully perpetuate 'good' for no reason at all. I'll delve further into this tomorrow.

Posted by lifeis4foolz on 2010.06.30 at 18:08
 Alas, i've been searching for the ideal medium to express my inner workings. Now after much dawdling around different things I've decided to create a Blog and so, if anyone wants to view it, here it is,
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So if anyone chooses to post here at any time, it is still being maintained, but I will most likely post elsewhere

Posted by lifeis4foolz on 2010.06.29 at 18:16
Today was just fun, I had to spend hours fixing both my car, and our toilet.
Don't have the energy to rant on today, I started a new Blog though, may replace livejournal.

 Today it seems will be another continuation of an endless string of dull, uneventful days. I have much work to do and of course, no motivation to do it. It will get done eventually of course, my enormous ego will make sure of that. Without it I I have no doubt I would be lost. I find that somewhat funny, that my ego is the sole motivation for my seeming 'ambition'. That my superiority complex gets me up at 4 in the morning and puts me to bed at 9 o'clock. As I've previously attested I have many 'friends', more like acquaintances, but they don't all know that. From many different 'groups' too, which for me adds a variety to my life I wouldn't otherwise have. How can you possibly relate to so many different 'groups'? Well, you just create several different identities. The studious student, the Hard Worker, the Rebel, the beloved Family Member, the Cruel Rageful person few know, and the Loving Peaceful person people think they know.

I'm quick to anger and absolutely remorseless. If the people around me truly knew the things that raged inside my head they would get the fuck away from me as quickly as conceivably possible. But alas, they do not, and something about that gives me a little thrill. A lone wolf surrounded by sheep. Although I must admit, I have met some truly devilishly delightful people, who like me, feel no guilt and who, like me have that deadly violence swimming around in their heads. It thrills me to meet, or see, or hear about anyone remotely like me. The Ted Bundys and the Jeff Dahmer's of the world do nothing more than fascinate me. 

I could listen to Bundy speak for hours. Everything that ever came out of his mouth was utter bullshit, sans one time, and I fucking love it. He was a master of his craft, and I don't mean killing. One time that I recall however, he spoke the truth, and his words summed this 'condition' up beautifully. He said, "I'm the most cold hearted son of a bitch you'll ever meet' (Or was it cold
blooded? I can never remember). A better summary of this so-called 'disorder' has never been spoken (Well, perhaps it has but I am partial to hyperbole). 

Men and women with that heavily sought after Silver Tongue have always held as much admiration as I'm capable of. In school being taught of the Holocaust and WWII was always the highlight of my year. I wanted to hear Hitler's speeches, absorb his ideologies, not for some idiotic belief in his 'cause', but to sit there in awe of how one man could cow an entire nation! It's fucking brilliant. 

But now that I've got myself caught up in a bit of a rant I'll end this here. There are few things in this world I enjoy more than 'hearing' myself 'talk' so to speak. Why else would anyone start a Blog? Since normally I must keep my profound (and justified) arrogance to myself, and play the meek and humble little rabbit, it's nice to have an outlet. Although today I admit it has reached a fever pitch. Thoughts of the Holocaust always get my world domination fantasies going.. 

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